Gurgaon News: Day After Violence, Peace Committee Meetings Held in Nuh and Sohna for Haryana Violence Live Updates

In an attempt to stop a procession, put on by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, a crowd attacked a mosque in Gurugram on August 1 and killed its caretaker imam. This unfortunate act sparked a violent conflict in the Nuh area that left five people dead.

Authorities enforced a curfew in Nuh as a result of the rising violence, which resulted in the deaths of four individuals on Monday, including two home guards, and numerous injuries to many more. The violence, according to Anil Vij, the home minister for Haryana, was planned by “outsiders.”

The areas of Sohna, Pataudi, and Manesar are without internet service. To maintain peace and tranquillity, the police and government are holding discussions with representatives from both communities.

In the meantime, the Haryana government has asked the federal government for 20 companies of the Rapid Action Force to uphold peace and order in Nuh district for a week. In order to prevent the situation from worsening, it becomes imperative to foster an environment of tranquillity and unity in the locality.

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