U.P. Cabinet Greenlights Education Service Selection Commission, Unveils Water Tourism and Adventure Sports Policy: Unlocking Opportunities for Sports Enthusiasts!

The Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission Bill 2023 was adopted by the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet on Tuesday. The Commission will now operate as an integrated State Education Service Selection Commission in charge of making appointments to other public educational institutions as well as hiring instructors.

“Up until this point, the state’s election boards and commissions for hiring teachers were separate. The Uttar Pradesh Higher Education Service Commission and Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board, on the other hand, will now be abolished in favor of the Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission. This will create a corporate entity with Prayagraj as its main location.


The state government will appoint one Chairman and 12 members for the Commission. Yogi Adityanath, the education minister for Uttar Pradesh, stated that they would hold office for three years or until they turned 65, whichever came first.

The Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission was established with the goal of streamlining the state’s teacher recruitment process and bringing uniformity to the selection processes used by all public educational institutions.

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