Unraveling Chaos: Nuremberg’s Severe Storms and the Haywire Weather Phenomenon

Due to a severe storm in the Nuremberg city area yesterday evening, several issues are arising. As soon as the network operator ‘N-Energy’ announced, areas including Gothenhof, Mughenhof, Sankt Leonhard, Lichtenhof, Grossreuth, Schwabach, Schweinau, and Ziegelstein are without electricity. Network technicians are working and will restore services swiftly. Many traffic lights have also malfunctioned.

Vehicles Stranded in Heavy Water

Water has filled up eight to nine underpasses. In the Nopitschstrasse underpass in the Schwabach district, water rushed in so quickly that drivers had to abandon their cars and flee. According to eyewitnesses, a family with two children managed to save themselves at the last moment. Initially, rescuers evacuated stranded drivers from the floods.

In Gebittenhofstrasse, a critical route from south to central Nuremberg, rescue worker Steinbühler was on duty in the tunnel, checking abandoned vehicles in the floodwaters to ensure no one was inside.

Nuremberg's Severe Storms

Basements and Underground Parking Flooded Due to Heavy Rain

Due to heavy rainfall, basements and underground parking lots are also flooded. Emergency services are on duty for hours. So far, there are no reports of serious injuries, as announced by the police and fire brigade on Thursday evening. However, there has been significant damage from fallen roof tiles, trees, and broken branches. The police couldn’t estimate the extent of property damage by evening.

According to VAG, there are occasional delays on various tram sections. A tram got stuck amidst water in an underpass. As announced by the transportation company on their website, bus connections are also affected. Inner-city portions of tram line 73 had to be partially shut between Frankenschnellweg and Augsburg.

Police Report Over 200 Operations

Late Thursday evening, the police headquarters in Central Franconia reported over 200 operations. A spokesperson for the fire department spoke about 626 deployment sites in the evening. A transport manager had reported earlier, “Things are getting pretty chaotic here.” At Nuremberg Central Station, water entered the platforms and entry gates of several subway stations, like in Sündersbühl.

Nuremberg's Severe Storms

Trees Fell Due to Strong Wind Gusts

At Räthenauplatz, trees were uprooted due to strong wind gusts. Nuremberg Fire Brigade speaks of “local use” throughout the city. Traffic was heavily disrupted, and all volunteer rescue teams were either out or on alert. Despite an increase in personnel, fire brigade lines remained partially overloaded. They urged people to stay at home and only call emergency services in “extremely urgent situations.” The German Weather Service had already issued warnings of severe storms in various Bavarian regions.

German Weather Service’s Recommendations

DWD warns that those in affected areas should secure outdoor items and park vehicles in garages. They also advise staying away from trees, high-voltage towers, and scaffolding. Trees can fall, and roofs or branches can be damaged. DWD recommends particular attention to falling branches, roof tiles, or objects. Localized flooding is possible in basements, roads, as well as small rivers and streams, along with mudslides. Windows and doors should be closed.

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