Virat Kohli: Closing in on Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar’s ODI Century Record

Virat Kohli is just four centuries away from passing the legendary Sachin Tendulkar in the list of ODI hundreds with his astounding 46 ODI centuries.

After Sachin Tendulkar bid farewell to the cricketing arena eleven years back, Virat Kohli has undoubtedly been the pinnacle of Indian cricket, showcasing excellence not just in batting but also in brand value and endorsements. Like Tendulkar before him, Kohli has undoubtedly cemented his position as cricket’s unquestioned king. Fans anticipate a century from him every time he steps up to the plate, and after being dismissed 76 times, his thirst for runs never ceases. Fans long to witness Kohli breaking all batting records, including the most runs, most hundreds, highest average, and others.

There is no batting record that Sachin Tendulkar holds, which Kohli cannot achieve. Having amassed an impressive tally of more than 25,000 runs, Kohli is undoubtedly en route to accomplishing that remarkable milestone. Even though Kohli might not have surpassed Tendulkar’s Test cricket records by the age of 34, he undeniably showcases immense potential in the ODI format. With 46 centuries to his name, he is just three centuries behind the legendary Sachin, and it’s only a matter of time before Kohli becomes the new ODI century master, alongside Asia Cup and World Cup trophies.

However, shattering all the batting records worldwide is an entirely different challenge. Cricketing legend Garfield Sobers believes that reaching the top for Kohli won’t be an easy task. Sobers shared his thoughts with RevSports, stating, “I wouldn’t say that because sometimes cricket can be very amusing. It can throw you bowlers who are actually good, and you have players who can do special things with the ball. As you delve into competing against such caliber of opponents and demonstrate your prowess, progress, and success are bound to follow naturally.

Not long ago, Sobers was presented with a chance to engage with the complete Indian cricket squad, wherein he met Kohli as well, right before the inaugural Test match of their tour to the West Indies. The visuals make it abundantly clear that Kohli’s impact on the cricketing legend was profound and enduring. After praising many great players, Sobers’ compliments reaffirmed Kohli’s greatness. When someone of Sobers’ stature appreciates, it demands undivided attention.

From my perspective, there is no doubt that he truly shines as an exceptional player. His demeanor exudes the perfect attitude, his approach is spot on, and his gameplay is exceptionally skillful I am never surprised by the number of runs he scores. He has poured immense effort into his craft, truly understanding the essence of hard work. Kohli plays true to himself, and he contemplates every move with utmost thoughtfulness. He does not conform to being a player who goes in and aimlessly tries to accumulate runs all over the place. He looks very good, watches the ball, and you can see that it separates him,” praised the great Sobers.

Although he may approach the brink of surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s records, the realm of cricket unveils its own distinct set of challenges. Nonetheless, the admiration and praise from cricketing legends like Garfield Sobers are a testament to Kohli’s remarkable skills and cricketing greatness

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