Celebrating Independence Day: Kashmir’s Weaver Crafts Tricolor Carpet to Leave a Lasting Impression

Kashmiri Artisan’s Patriotism: In a remote village of Jammu and Kashmir, an artisan has crafted a unique masterpiece on a loom – a handwoven carpet adorned with the tricolor flag of India and the map of our nation.

Preparations for Independence Day 2023: As the 77th Independence Day approaches, preparations are in full swing across the country. Amidst this, in a secluded village of Bandyipora district in Northern Kashmir, a skilled weaver has woven a carpet depicting India’s map and the tricolor flag. His aspiration is to showcase this carpet in India’s new Parliament building.

Celebrating Independence Day: Kashmir's Weaver Crafts Tricolor Carpet to Leave a Lasting Impression

Master Weaver Behind the Creation: The masterpiece, measuring 2 x 2 feet, was meticulously crafted by master weaver Mohammed Maqbool Dar in the village of Astengu. For the past 40 years, Dar has been weaving the tricolor flag and India’s map onto silk carpets. It took him two months to complete this carpet.

A Symbol of Patriotism: Dar shared, “This year, for Independence Day, I wanted to do something unique to make the day memorable. So, I created this carpet with the tricolor and India’s map. It’s a symbol of love for the nation on the occasion of Independence Day.”

Boosting the Carpet Industry: He further expressed, “For the past few years, I’ve been trying to express my patriotism and love for the country in a unique way on this occasion. I believe this sentiment will undoubtedly contribute to the growth of the carpet industry in the Kashmir Valley.”

Design of the Carpet: The carpet has a shimmering blue and deep saffron background on the top, with a white and deep blue wheel (Ashoka Chakra) in the center. The lower section is of deep green color. All three sections are proportionally aligned, making India’s map visually appealing.

Learning the Art of Weaving Maps: According to Dar, he approached the Indian Institute of Carpet Technology (IICT) in Srinagar, which provided him with computerized guidance on weaving the tricolor flag and the map onto the carpet along with a printout of the design. Deputy Commissioner of Bandyipora, Owais Ahmad, has invited him to the Independence Day celebration on August 15.

Celebrating Independence Day: Kashmir's Weaver Crafts Tricolor Carpet to Leave a Lasting Impression

Dar’s Endeavors Applauded: Praising Dar’s efforts in showcasing patriotism through art, Alosa Reza Ahmed Khan, President of DDSC, expressed his delight that such a profession thrives in their region. He expressed, “The roots of this heritage run deep in history, and today, under the skilled hands of artisan Mohammed Maqbool Dar, it’s not just a revival of art but a rekindling of our past, coupled with his efforts to empower marginalized communities, including Dalit individuals and those with diverse abilities, with a special focus on the empowerment of young women, in earning a livelihood.”

This heartwarming story sheds light on the unity of creativity, patriotism, and craftsmanship. It reflects how even in the farthest corners of the nation, the spirit of freedom and creativity continues to thrive.

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