Celebrate Durga Puja Like a True Bengali: Indulge in Delicious Delights and Must-Try Street Food in Kolkata!

Street Food in Kolkata

Experience the charm and hustle of Durga Puja in Kolkata! Everywhere you look, there‚Äôs energy, life, and amazing food. The city of joy offers the best street food you can find. During Durga Puja, Kolkata’s streets come alive not just with vibrant decorations and grand pandals but also with exquisite culinary delights. Amidst the bustling … Read more

Celebrating Durga Puja: Kolkata’s Shopping Frenzy Takes Center Stage

Shopping Durga Puja

Only a few weeks remain before Durga Puja, and the shopping frenzy is in full swing in Kolkata. Last-minute shoppers have thronged the city’s shopping centers, adding to the excitement. From Western wear to ethnic attire, accessories to cosmetics, shopping is an integral part of the preparations leading up to Durga Puja. Alongside the festivities, … Read more

Mahalaya Countdown Begins: Bengalis Prepare for Durga Puja Festival as Mahalaya Arrives

With Mahalaya, countdown begins for Durga Pooja

Mahalaya is honored with great reverence, demonstrating its importance to Bengali culture. For many years, a tradition has been upheld in most Bengali households where people welcome Goddess Durga by listening to the Mahishasuramardini recitation on the radio. Mahalaya marks the conclusion of the Pitru Paksha or the fortnight of ancestors, a 16-day period when … Read more

Unlock the Magic of Durga Puja: Your Comprehensive Guide to Kolkata’s Pandals 2023

Durga Puja

For the year 2023, your ultimate guide to South and North Durga Puja pandal hopping! Our webpage is your favorite resource for exploring the vibrant and enchanting world of Durga Puja pandals in both the South and North regions. This map will make sure that you don’t miss out on the fascinating craftsmanship, elaborate decorations, … Read more