Celebrating Durga Puja: Kolkata’s Shopping Frenzy Takes Center Stage

Only a few weeks remain before Durga Puja, and the shopping frenzy is in full swing in Kolkata. Last-minute shoppers have thronged the city’s shopping centers, adding to the excitement. From Western wear to ethnic attire, accessories to cosmetics, shopping is an integral part of the preparations leading up to Durga Puja. Alongside the festivities, Kolkata residents are rushing to stores, and many are relying on digital shopping platforms. Even central shopping centers in the city, like New Market, are bustling with shoppers during workdays.

There are plenty of options, from trendy jeans and trousers to tops and oversized Kurtis. People are choosing a variety of wide-leg, skinny, and flared jeans to pair with Kishore crop tops and tank tops. Store owners are offering significant discounts not only on clothing but also on jewelry and accessories, making it a shopper’s paradise. You can wander through rows of stalls lining the streets, and funky jewelry, oxidized pieces, enamel earrings, chokers, bangles, and anything and everything matches perfectly with any outfit. The number of visitors is always high here.

Shopping Durga Puja

Speaking of another popular shopping center, Gariahat is witnessing a similar scene. The roadside shops are filled with shoppers, and even saree shops have a continuous stream of customers. Durga Puja and sarees share an inseparable bond. Taking off the saree for ‘Anjali’ on Ashtami is an age-old tradition during Durga Puja. Jamdani, Kanjivaram, Muslin, Organza, and Silk, women prefer to showcase different sarees in different styles during the festive days. Gariahat is a favorite spot for saree enthusiasts, where you can find all trending varieties under one roof.

Shopping malls are also offering significant discounts. According to a retail source, South City Mall and Acropolis Mall have seen heavy footfall and increasing sales over the past few weeks.

Although the festival falls in the third week of October this year, both retail and wholesale traders say that shopping has already commenced. Ganesh Chaturthi, which has seen an increased number of celebrations in the city and its suburbs, is scheduled for the second week of September.

Many market committees suggest that the increase in customers is due to retailers stocking up for the festive shopping season. Several families prefer to shop early to avoid the rush during the peak festive season.

The surge in the number of customers has brought relief to the business community. Many retail traders have reported up to a 35% increase in sales compared to previous weeks.

” We have observed an increase in customers over the previous week, which is leading to better sales. Sales have suffered over the past few months due to various reasons, including the absence of major festivals and prolonged inclement weather. Rising prices have also played a role. Retailers in the New Market area are eagerly awaiting the boost in business during the festive season,” said Naresh Chugani, a member of the Treasure Island Shop Owners Welfare Association in the New Market area.

Similar scenes are also being witnessed in other traditional Puja shopping centers like Gariahat, Hatibagan, and New Market. Wholesale markets in the central business district have also seen increased trade activities with retailers from neighboring districts and towns stocking up on their supplies.

Shopping Durga Puja

” The state’s biggest wholesale market, Burrabazar, is where shopkeepers from surrounding districts procure their products. We have already started receiving orders from various towns and cities around Kolkata. Demand is there for various products, including clothing, cosmetics, and other items. The demand for utensils has also increased,” said Garish Savansukha, President of the Central Kolkata Textile Wholesalers Association.”

The shopping fervor leading up to Durga Puja is truly a unique and vibrant aspect of Kolkata’s culture.

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