Celebrate Durga Puja Like a True Bengali: Indulge in Delicious Delights and Must-Try Street Food in Kolkata!

Experience the charm and hustle of Durga Puja in Kolkata! Everywhere you look, there’s energy, life, and amazing food. The city of joy offers the best street food you can find.

During Durga Puja, Kolkata’s streets come alive not just with vibrant decorations and grand pandals but also with exquisite culinary delights. Amidst the bustling streets and colossal pandals, there’s another reason people from far and wide come to Kolkata during Bengali Puja – its magnificent food.

Kolkata boasts unparalleled street food representing a fusion of cultures and traditions. From traditional Bengali ghughni (dried white peas cooked with tamarind, chili, and jaggery) to Chinese chow mein, you can taste every snack you can imagine.

The street food here is a delightful blend of British-era influences and indigenous flavors. Due to the city’s significant Hakka population, Chinese language is prevalent, yet the local Bengali street food is a harmonious balance of sweet, sour, spicy, and savory. Think deep-fried luchi (deep-fried flatbread) served with aloo ki sabzi (potato curry), paneer (cottage cheese) with halwa (sweet semolina dessert) made with love.

Here are a few more popular local delicacies you can find across the city:

  1. Kathi Rolls: These popular fast-food street kebabs, mostly wrapped in chicken or egg paratha.
  1. Kachori Sabzi: A favorite among locals, it’s deep-fried puffy bread filled with spicy mashed potatoes. You can find it in local cafes or eateries along the streets.
  1. Jhalmuri: Made from puffed rice, it’s a spicy and tangy popular street snack. Each vendor has their special mix, usually including chopped onions, coriander, green chilies, roasted peanuts, lemon, and mustard oil.
  2. Mishti Doi: This delicate sweet curd is set in clay pots, giving it a unique flavor.
  3. Cham Cham: A spongy Bengali dessert made with chhena, a type of paneer.

So, when you visit Kolkata during Durga Puja, don’t just feast your eyes on the festivities and artistry; treat your taste buds to the symphony of flavors that is Kolkata’s street food scene. It’s not just a culinary experience; it’s an adventure into the heart of this vibrant city!

The nine days of Navratri hold great significance for various communities all across India. But for us Bengalis, it’s not just about witnessing the divine presence of Goddess Durga; it’s also about Kash Phool (Kans Grass), the rhythmic beats of Dhak (traditional drum), and, most importantly, the drum roll food! Here’s a list of some of the most authentic Bengali dishes to savor during Durga Puja.

Luchi-Cholar Dal

Radhaballavi-Aloor Dom Another favorite Bengali snack, Radhaballavi is stuffed with spiced dal and mashed potatoes, making it a unique category of its own! It may look like Luchi, but only a true Bengali knows the difference.

Bhog er Khichuri with Beguni and Labra The special Khichuri offering on Ashtami, along with eggplant fritters (Beguni) and mixed vegetables (Labra), is a different feeling altogether for Bengalis. A true Bengali knows that Bhog er Khichuri tastes nothing like regular Khichuri. Add a spoonful of ghee, and you’re ready!

Luchi-Cholar Dal During Durga Puja, one must definitely try one of the simplest yet most delicious Bengali breakfast items. Easy on the stomach yet rich in flavor, Cholar Dal, made from split Bengal gram, is a treat for your taste buds.

Kathi Roll Kolkata’s iconic Chicken Roll is a city favorite all year round. But during Puja’s five days, it becomes a must-try Bengali delight. Juicy pieces of chicken or mutton, wrapped in a paratha with crispy onions, and a dash of street-style ketchup and bhaja masala, it’s here to satisfy your mid-festive cravings.

Bengali-style Chinese There’s authentic Chinese, then there’s Indo-Chinese, and then there’s Bengali Chinese. Tangra, the Chinatown of Kolkata, is famous for its Kolkata Chinese cuisine, a school where all Bengali kids grow up. In reality, this is the only kind of Chinese we know. If you’re in Kolkata during the festivities, trying Bengali Chinese during Durga Puja is a must.

Shorshe Ilish

Basanti Pulao-Kosha Mangsho Bengalis love their rice, especially if it’s fragrant Gobindobhog rice, cooked with ghee and dry fruits. And yes, the spicy semi-gravy of mutton chunks, Kosha Mangsho, pairs perfectly with Basanti Pulao.

Kolkata Biryani Don’t miss out on the Biryani war. Durga Puja and Kolkata Biryani go hand in hand, and there’s no arguing about that. During Durga Puja, you’ll find the city’s biryani joints bustling with people, and it’s proof that for a Bengali, there’s no other winner in Biryani.

Chop and Cutlet Our perennial favorite snacks, Chop and Cutlet, are not exclusive to Durga Puja alone. You can have them any time of the year, but during Durga Puja, they become part of the authentic Bengali feast.

Daab Chingri Bengalis adore their seafood, so much so that they’ve included prawns and shrimp in the category of fish. It comes with juicy prawns cooked in a rich coconut milk gravy and is served with a tender coconut. Daab Chingri not only looks fantastic but tastes equally divine.

Shorshe Ilish Hilsa fish cooked in mustard gravy is a traditional Bengali delicacy that you must try during Durga Puja. It’s a culinary masterpiece that Bengalis cherish.

Mishti Doi

Chanar Dalna Paneer koftas in a light tomato-based gravy. Each state has its variation of this dish, but when in Kolkata, trying Chanar Dalna during Durga Puja is a must.

Chitol Macher Muitha is A quintessential Bengali fish curry that you’ll find in every Bengali household throughout the year but becomes even more special during Durga Puja. Chitol fish nuggets are cooked in a spicy onion-tomato gravy and served with steamed rice.

Chingri Malai Curry A Malaysian-influenced Bengali fish dish, Chingri Malai Curry, comes with juicy prawns cooked in a rich tomato and coconut milk gravy. The coconut milk is a game-changer in this dish, making a world of difference in flavors. Enjoy it with Bengali pulao or steaming rice.

Mishti Doi Whether you’re from the city or not, you’ve probably heard about this Bengali dessert. Mishti Doi (sweet yogurt) is one of the top things to eat in Kolkata, and during Durga Puja, it becomes an even bigger sensation.

Conclusion Durga Puja in Kolkata is incomplete without its food. If you haven’t witnessed this madness yet, reading about it online won’t do justice to the extraordinariness of it all.

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