Unprecedented Rainfall Update: Himachal Pradesh Records 71 Fatalities Since August 13th Due to 157% Surge in Rainfall, Reveals CM Sukhu

Rain News Update: Due to continuous heavy rainfall and subsequent landslides and floods in Himachal Pradesh, 71 people have lost their lives since August 13. In the Mandi district, the road connectivity to Kullu-Manali, Lahaul-Spiti, and Leh has been disrupted beyond Pandoh. Landslides have blocked the Kiratpur-Manali National Highway at various places due to the landslide. In Shimla, around half a dozen buildings are at risk of collapsing due to landslides, while in Kangra district, the release of water from the Pong Dam has saved 1,731 people from flooding. In various parts of Shimla, the threat of house collapse due to landslides still looms. More than 500 trees have been uprooted in Shimla due to the heavy rainfall. Chief Minister Sukhvir Singh Sukhoo mentioned during a review meeting in Shimla on Tuesday that the state has suffered extensive damage due to a 157% increase in rainfall in the past four days.

Chandigarh-Manali Highway Closed, Kullu Struggles with Fuel Shortage

The Chandigarh-Manali Highway remained blocked at several places near Pandoh in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday, marking the fifth consecutive day. This led to a halt in fuel supply to the Kullu district and trapped apple-laden trucks. On August 14, roads were blocked at 9 Miles and near Pandoh Dam, and on August 12, road blockages occurred at 6 Miles due to landslides, causing a standstill for heavy vehicles. The alternative route via Mandi, Katola, Bajaura, and Kullu, which had been opened for light vehicles on Wednesday, caused traffic jams in Bajaura. By midday, the administration declared the highway closed for all traffic for repairs.

Floods Hit Punjab and Himachal Pradesh After Dam Releases

A senior official of the Bhakra Beas Management Board, which controls the Bhakra and Pong dams, stated on Wednesday that all gates of both dams will remain open for four to five days, as water levels in reservoirs have risen significantly due to heavy rainfall in the catchment areas this week. Hundreds of villages along the banks of the swollen Sutlej and Beas rivers in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh are inundated with water following the gate openings.

Himachal Pradesh Records 71 Fatalities Since August 13th

Tragedy Strikes Tourist Camp Near Rishikesh, 5 from Haryana Family Dead

According to Gaurav Talwar’s report, four bodies were found – all believed to be members of the same family – who had arrived in Uttarakhand from Kurukshetra, Haryana, on August 13 for a vacation. After coming to a tourist campsite near Rishikesh on Wednesday, heavy landslides occurred in the area within a few hours of their arrival. Another member of the family’s body was discovered on Monday. Meanwhile, late on Tuesday night, a two-story house collapsed in Haldwani, 13 km from Joshimath, killing two brothers. The house had seven occupants, five of whom were rescued by the NDRF team.

No Rain in Delhi, Monsoon Enters ‘Normal’ Category

The overall monsoon distribution for Delhi has shifted from the “excess” category to “normal” as the city has seen no significant rainfall over the past two weeks. While June and July experienced heavy rainfall, August has been devoid of intense precipitation. As per data from the India Meteorological Department, Delhi received “excess” rainfall of 41% between June 1 and August 1. The city received 405.7 mm of rainfall between June 1 and August 16, compared to the normal 359.4 mm.

Himachal Pradesh Records 71 Fatalities Since August 13th

Death Toll Rises to 71 in Himachal Pradesh Due to Rainfall; 1,700 Rescued from Kangra Dam Flooding

On Wednesday, as per O.P. Sharma, the state’s Chief Secretary (Revenue), Himachal Pradesh continues to grapple with the relentless fury of nature. Due to the continuous heavy rainfall and landslides triggered by cloud bursts, and subsequent flooding, the tragic death toll has reached 71. In the Kangra district, the area around the Pong Dam has been inundated due to the release of water, necessitating a large-scale rescue operation for more than 1,700 affected individuals. The district administration, the army, and the Indian Air Force are collaborating to shift affected residents to safe areas. Chief Minister Sukhvir Singh Sukhoo stated during a review meeting in Shimla on Tuesday that the state has suffered extensive damage due to a 157% increase in rainfall in the past four days.

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